luukbox® is a full multimedial solution that is completely integrated into your vehicle via a plug and play cable harness.

The contents are displayed on the vehicle-specific display. The control of the luukbox ® happens via the original controller in the center console. No additional controls need to be installed. The luukbox® offers you the familiar operating comfort as you already know from your vehicle.

The luukbox® allows to connection various audio and video sources to an Mercedes Audio 20 CD NTG4.5 and ComandOnline NTG 4.5 system. This can be done via the integrated USB port, as well as the two analogue audio / video inputs.

The integrated media center makes it possible to play music and videos and show pictures in high quality by a connected USB stick. The title information will be showen on the vehicles display. You can play videos up to a user defined speed-limit*.

In addition, you can connect up to two analogue audio / video sources. DVD player, DVB-T tuner, as well as games consoles are possible.

The connection of a rear camera is also possible. The image will automatically be displayed in the display when the reverse gear is engaged.

Furthermore, the luukbox® offers a wide range of configuration and configuration options. For example display and sound configurations, country settings, aspect ratios, etc.

Cause of the possibility of free firmware updates you are always up-to-date and profit from future extensions.

Here you can see the luukbox®: